This project is still a work in progress and each day we’re finding more information about the people and places that made black London in World War II. If you’re a researcher who has found something we’ve missed, or perhaps if you know someone from your circle of family and friends who was in London […]

The Florence Mills Social Parlour

Amy Ashwood Garvey’s life would be remarkable by the standards of the twenty-first century let alone the first half of the twentieth. Born in Jamaica in the late 1800s, married to the most famous pan-African leader in the world in Harlem, and an active anti-colonial protestor as well as an entrepreneur in her own right, […]

A note on periodization

When did the Second World War start? On the surface this question is too easy even for a pub quiz. In the UK, most are familiar with Neville Chamberlain’s radio address on 3rd September 1939 dolefully telling the nation that the Nazi invasion of Poland had forced the British government to stand by its promise […]